General VoIP Info

A few of our favorite VoIP resources are listed below.

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Whichvoip efff8bfbd08f5d86682c038ff5324343e9aa8981f90a2926407576dad8ec7a40 offers a VoIP phone service comparison and user reviews of leading business and residential VoIP service providers. Find the best providers at
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Gone VoIP is Canada's premier VoIP directory. If you're looking for VoIP service, for your home or for your business, is a good place to start as you'll find a comprehensive list of providers as well as reviews and ratings.
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If you're in the market for some VoIP equipment, you should head over to VoIP Supply. These guys have an excellent selection, fast shipping, and great prices.
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We probably don't even need to include on this list because it's so well known and so widely used. Nevertheless, it remains a favorite of ours. There's so much information jam-packed in here, especially about the excellent Open Source Asterisk PBX. is a wiki, so the fact that it has so much information is really a testament to the strength of the VoIP community.
How stuff works 451431146b6a3cecc31bec28b76e61701930a86908ac5781d9880e887da5df1c
How VoIP Works is a good first-stop for you if you're new to VoIP. It contains a basic introduction and lists some advantages and disadvantages of using VoIP.