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VoIP Spear is a Call Quality monitoring service. We track your VoIP service and alert you when there's a problem. Be the first to know when your call quality is poor.
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VoIP Spear is an online VoIP Quality test and Call Quality Monitoring service.

VoIP Spear is a VoIP monitoring service provider with testing servers located in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Get the most accurate VoIP call quality profile through location-based call monitoring.

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Easy To Use

Your voice quality might give you a headache but VoIP Spear won’t. Our VoIP Quality Test and Call Monitoring service is easy to use and fast to set up. Begin monitoring your VoIP service’s performance with just a few clicks.

Individuals or Service Providers

Our VoIP monitoring service is perfect for individuals and service providers anywhere in the world. Choose your testing location. Free accounts allow single endpoint monitoring for personal VoIP services. Businesses and service providers can opt to track VoIP QoS for multiple endpoints.

More than Just Bandwidth

VoIP quality is not just about bandwidth. Our monitoring system also considers packet loss, latency and jitter, among other factors, to calculate your MOS (Mean Opinion Score). A score of 1 refers to terrible service. A MOS of 5 is perfect.

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